General - Supporting Stable, Resilient Societies

All grants that pertain to developing stable, resilient societies that do not fall into a specific sub-category, as well as any grants that fall into the peace and security set but cannot be further categorized.

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$70.9 Million
out of $435.4 Million
for all peace and security

Median Grant Size: $50,000

Top Funders

Carnegie Corporation of New York
$14.2 M
The Skoll Foundation
$10.3 M
Silicon Valley Community Foundation
$5.6 M
Ford Foundation
$5.2 M
Foundation to Promote Open Society
$4.2 M
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
$3.0 M
GHR Foundation
$2.7 M
Robert & Ardis James Foundation
$2.4 M
Wellspring Philanthropic Fund, Inc.
$2.2 M
Open Society Institute
$2.1 M
Good Ventures Foundation
$2.0 M
Rockefeller Brothers Fund, Inc.
$1.8 M
Oak Foundation
$1.8 M
Humanity United
$1.7 M
Tides Foundation
$1.4 M
Robert Bosch Stiftung GmbH
$1.3 M
William K. Bowes, Jr. Foundation
$1.0 M
Lilly Endowment Inc.
$1.0 M
The Spencer Foundation
$800.5 K
Colombe Peace Foundation
$770.0 K
Compton Foundation, Inc.
$757.0 K
The National Lottery Community Fund
$663.0 K
King Baudouin Foundation United States
$647.8 K
NoVo Foundation
$625.0 K
Hunt Alternatives Fund
$587.7 K

Starting in 2014, the Open Society Foundations’ grants data is reported by and attributed to the individual legal entities that constitute the Foundations. Prior to 2014, grantmaking from these funders are collectively attributed to ‘Open Society Foundations’.

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Funding for General Support

15% $10,383,540 101 Grants = 23%