Rule of Law and Institution-building

Grants created to uphold the principle that everyone - from the individual to the government - is accountable to laws that are publicly promulgated, equally enforced, and independently adjudicated. This translates into improving the constitution, judicial system, and entire governing system, including rebuilding government institutions. The rule of law ensures stable institutions that promote a more stable, resilient society.

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$5.2 Million
out of $350.7 Million
for all peace and security

Median Grant Size: $34,828

Top Funders

The Skoll Foundation
$1.6 M
One Earth Future Foundation, Inc.
$1.5 M
Rockefeller Brothers Fund, Inc.
$175.0 K
American Jewish World Service - Donor Advised Funds
$160.0 K
Ford Foundation
$150.0 K
Charles Stewart Mott Foundation
$150.0 K
Oak Foundation
$150.0 K
John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation
$110.0 K
United States Institute of Peace
$108.3 K
Humanity United
$100.0 K
Wallace Genetic Foundation, Inc.
$100.0 K
$99.9 K
Robert Bosch Stiftung GmbH
$94.4 K
EEA and Norway Grants
$82.8 K
National Endowment for Democracy
$66.6 K
KIOS-The Finnish NGO Foundation for Human Rights
$63.0 K
Fund for Global Human Rights, Inc.
$50.0 K
American Jewish World Service
$47.0 K
Ploughshares Fund
$20.0 K
Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting
$20.0 K
GHR Foundation
$20.0 K
Akiba Uhaki Foundation
$18.3 K
Peace Direct
$16.5 K
Open Society Institute
$10.0 K
Skoll Global Threats Fund
$10.0 K

Starting in 2014, the Open Society Foundations’ grants data is reported by and attributed to the individual legal entities that constitute the Foundations. Prior to 2014, grantmaking from these funders are collectively attributed to ‘Open Society Foundations’.


Regional Focus

Strategy Focus

Funding for General Support

37% $1,905,500 6 Grants = 15%

Sample Grants

  • National Endowment for Democracy
    awarded a grant for $39,600 to BIRN Bosnia and Herzegovina

    To advance the process of transitional-justice and rule of law in Bosnia and Herzegovina by monitoring war crimes trials and producing daily coverage for the Justice Report online magazine, offering news and analysis on domestic war crimes trials, rule of law developments, past human rights abuses, and the impact these developments have on local communities.

  • Fund For Global Human Rights, Inc.
    awarded a grant for $40,000 to Centro Para Accion Legal en Derechos Humanos

    For general support of this organization, whose activities include promoting the rule of law by prosecuting cases at the national and international levels against high-level officials responsible for genocide and crimes against humanity.

  • The International Development Research Centre
    awarded a grant for $583,728 to Belun

    To conduct applied research to assess the legitimacy of the military and police in the eyes of different groups of Timorese and make policy recommendations for reforms.