Conflict and Atrocities Prevention

Grants made to stop conflict before it begins or increases in intensity, and to prevent mass atrocities (e.g., crimes against humanity, genocide, ethnic cleansing, mass killings) from occurring. Mass atrocities typically occur during or as a precedent to conflict. Grants in this category address a variety of preventative measures including early warning mechanisms, dangerous speech, peacekeeping, and the responsibility to protect.

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$13.5 Million
out of $357.1 Million
for all peace and security

Median Grant Size: $25,000

Top Funders

Humanity United
$3.0 M
NoVo Foundation
$3.0 M
Oak Foundation
$973.1 K
National Endowment for Democracy
$635.1 K
American Jewish World Service
$623.3 K
Annenberg Foundation
$500.0 K
The Saban Family Foundation
$500.0 K
The Stanley Center for Peace and Security
$475.6 K
Foundation to Promote Open Society
$455.0 K
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
$450.0 K
John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation
$300.0 K
$283.5 K
Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program
$267.0 K
EEA and Norway Grants
$239.6 K
Robert Bosch Stiftung GmbH
$179.5 K
Maine Community Foundation
$150.0 K
Charles Stewart Mott Foundation
$150.0 K
Fund for Global Human Rights, Inc.
$135.0 K
$118.3 K
Nexus Fund
$102.7 K
Rockefeller Brothers Fund, Inc.
$100.0 K
Dietel Partners
$100.0 K
United States Institute of Peace
$100.0 K
Tides Foundation
$96.4 K
Mensen met een Missie
$89.0 K

Starting in 2014, the Open Society Foundations’ grants data is reported by and attributed to the individual legal entities that constitute the Foundations. Prior to 2014, grantmaking from these funders are collectively attributed to ‘Open Society Foundations’.


Regional Focus

Strategy Focus

Funding for General Support

1% $153,150 7 Grants = 5%

Sample Grants

  • Carnegie Corporation of New York
    awarded a grant for $25,500 to Auschwitz Institute for Peace and Reconciliation

    For the Bosnia and Herzegovina Educational Program for Mass Atrocity and Genocide Prevention.

  • Peace Direct
    awarded a grant for $56,538 to INAMA

    For INAMA to train its "citizen reporters" and to establish early warning and early response in five provinces in Burundi.

  • Humanity United
    awarded a grant for $150,000 to Friends Committee on National Legislation Education Fund

    For the Prevention and Protection Working Group to have civilian-led peacebuilding efforts that include upstream conflict-prevention play a more central role in shaping U.S. foreign policy.