Grants created to prevent the use and proliferation of weapons, including small arms, weapons of mass descruction (chemical, biological and radiological weapons), drones, landmines and cluster munitions. These grants also includes ones on preventing arms trafficking and conventional arms control. This category does not include nuclear weapons.

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$7.4 Million
out of $376.8 Million
for all peace and security

Median Grant Size: $50,000

Top Funders

Caerus Foundation, Inc.
$2.5 M
John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation
$1.9 M
Foundation to Promote Open Society
$916.9 K
Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust
$864.5 K
Carnegie Corporation of New York
$250.0 K
Ford Foundation
$225.0 K
Smith Richardson Foundation, Inc.
$175.0 K
Spectemur Agendo, Inc.
$120.0 K
The ARCA Foundation
$100.0 K
Wellspring Philanthropic Fund, Inc.
$100.0 K
Rockefeller Brothers Fund, Inc.
$80.0 K
Seattle Foundation
$50.0 K
Ploughshares Fund
$45.0 K
King Baudouin Foundation United States
$40.1 K
The Global Fund for Women, Inc.
$40.0 K
The San Diego Foundation
$30.0 K
Maine Community Foundation
$16.7 K
Compton Foundation, Inc.
$15.0 K
Fund for Nonviolence
$10.0 K
Urgent Action Fund for Women's Human Rights
$7.7 K
The Sigrid Rausing Trust
$6.6 K
King Baudouin Foundation
$5.3 K
The Millstreet Foundation, Inc.
$5.0 K
Chino Cienega Foundation
$2.0 K

Starting in 2014, the Open Society Foundations’ grants data is reported by and attributed to the individual legal entities that constitute the Foundations. Prior to 2014, grantmaking from these funders are collectively attributed to ‘Open Society Foundations’.


Regional Focus

Strategy Focus

Funding for General Support

53% $3,959,122 14 Grants = 27%

Sample Grants

  • Stewart R. Mott Foundation
    awarded a grant for $2,000 to Herbert Scoville, Jr. Peace Fellowship

    For providing young people the opportunity to work with nonprofit organizations implementing arms control practices.

  • Foundation to Promote Open Society
    awarded a grant for $75,000 to Henry L. Stimson Center

    For the project "Toward Effective, Transparent, and Accountable U.S. Drone Policy."

  • Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust
    awarded a grant for $112,267 to Saferworld

    For Playing by the Rules: Upholding EU Arms Transfer Controls.