Leadership and Professional Development

Professional development of management, boards, staff, and volunteers. Includes leadership development, recruiting, training, and salaries.

$1.5 Million
out of $283.2 Million
for all peace and security

Top Funders

Howard G. Buffett Foundation
$392.0 K
Catalyst for Peace
$351.4 K
U.S. Institute of Peace
$345.4 K
The Oak Foundation
$218.5 K
Ploughshares Fund
$75.0 K
Compton Foundation, Inc.
$50.0 K
The New York Community Trust
$25.0 K
CS Fund
$20.0 K
Orange County Community Foundation
$20.0 K
Disability Rights Fund
$20.0 K
Akiba Uhaki Foundation
$6.3 K
Global Greengrants Fund

Regional Focus

Issue Focus

Population Focus