Grants made that contribute to a strong, stable, and secure society. Grants in this space cover a wide range of issues, such as nuclear policy, climate security, and militarism. This category also includes grants to support work on national security and foreign policy, diplomacy, and good global governance. Also included in this category are grants that lacked enough information to be categorized elsewhere.

$181.7 Million
out of $283.2 Million
for all peace and security

Issues in Focus

Nuclear Issues
$29.8 M
National Security, Foreign Policy, and Diplomacy
$25.6 M
Climate Security and Natural Resource Management
$21.4 M
$6.5 M
Corruption, Criminality, and Criminal Networks
$1.6 M
Countering and Preventing Violent Extremism
$1.1 M
Human Trafficking
$813.0 K
$90.0 K

Top Funders

Open Society Foundations
$18.3 M
Carnegie Corporation of New York
$17.9 M
Howard G. Buffett Foundation
$12.1 M
Nationale Postcode Loterij
$11.0 M
The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation
$9.6 M
The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation
$9.1 M
Ford Foundation
$8.7 M
National Endowment for Democracy
$7.9 M
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
$7.2 M
The Susan Thompson Buffett Foundation
$7.0 M
The Oak Foundation
$5.9 M
The Marcus Foundation, Inc.
$5.4 M
Ploughshares Fund
$3.7 M
The Heising-Simons Foundation
$3.5 M
The International Development Research Centre
$3.1 M
Rockefeller Brothers Fund, Inc.
$2.9 M
Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust
$2.4 M
Humanity United
$2.3 M
American Jewish World Service
$2.2 M
Robina Foundation
$2.0 M
Robert Bosch Stiftung, GmbH
$2.0 M
Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program
$1.9 M
Sarah Scaife Foundation, Inc.
$1.7 M
The Atlantic Philanthropies
$1.6 M
Comic Relief UK
$1.2 M


Sample Grants

  • The Arca Foundation awarded a grant for $50,000 to National Security Initiative

    For the National Security Initiative, founded to revitalize America's national security policy, bringing cohesion and strategic focus to the progressive national security community.

  • U.S. Institute of Peace awarded a grant for $109,999 to Search for Common Ground

    To lay the groundwork for a peaceful electoral process, including mapping Burundian youth leaders and peacebuilders; training sessions in leadership, conflict transformation and communication for youth leaders; events presenting young people's vision of peace that will be broadcast; and regional peace festivals organized by youth.

  • The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation awarded a grant for $400,000 to University of Sydney

    To assess new American security partnerships in the Asia Pacific.

Regional Focus

Strategy Focus

Population Focus